Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Network Austin Mixer

The Network Austin Mixer meets every other Wednesday night at Mother Egans on 6th st. The speakers for the mixer last night were all Austin talent agents, Heather Collier(, Veronica Kelley-Albiez (, and Lupe Valdez ( There was a full crowd at Mother Egans, mixed with actors, film-makers, coaches, agents, and casting directors. The speakers answered questions from hopeful actors taking their first steps into the business to the professionals brushing up on their agent info. Their main piece of advice? Follow directions on their website when you submit to them, if you can't follow those directions it'll only give them reason to believe you won't follow directions when sent out on auditions. And stay in classes, or keep working on plays or student projects. Members of The Alliance , which is Austin's collective group of coaches, casting directors, and agents that pull together to "raise the bar" for the film community, always make it out to these. They made an announcement their new president is actor/acting coach Van Brooks. Congrats Van! These mixers are always nice to go to, laid back, always familiar faces, and great information.
Check out the site for more info:

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Swamp Fest

Last Saturday Lauren and I ventured out to Swamp Fest to fulfill our need for jazz and cajun food. One of our favorite weekends of the year is when we take the drive out to New Orleans and forget that we're white and try to move like we're African-American cajun folk. It makes us happy, and we get a lot of laughs from those we're imitating. Hey - imitation is the best form of flattery right? Plus we're now prepared for any movie where they might want to cast some of those skills... ha. Austin's swamp fest is not near the wonderfulness that is jazz fest - for one - it's on concrete. The same concrete parking lot where all of the tailgaiting parties are held during football season. But it was still jazz, and even in the little doses - we enjoyed it immensely. Favorite musical acts included Papa Mali, Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes, Henry Butler and the Game Band, The New Orleans Jazz Vipers Brass band, and a few others. Most noteably we were excited to see Big Chief Kevin and his Funky Flaming Arrows - who represented a tradition in New Orleans I had never known about until arriving there. Did you know that there's a cajun tradition of dressing in large headresses and colorful feather-lined clothing? I thought that was strictly a Native American thing until I met cheif Kevin - and it's an act that shouldn't be missed and comes straight from the soul. We were also excited to get our first glimpse at Burlesque - which really is just an elegant, more sophisticated strip tease. But when put to music and is themed - it becomes an entire act that actually inspired Lauren to want to be a burlesque artist herself! The three girls that performed reminded me strongly of the three stippers in the film Gypsy which really did make stripping more of an art than something "dirty". The show we saw seemed to be just a little preview of all that Burlesque can be and we definitely want to head to a Burlesque show soon to see another performance. We've heard The Jigglewatts are pretty good - I think you all should check them out in our second issue of the magazine!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Bon Voyage!

Staff member Tiffany Montgomery our advertising manager has moved to Nashville, TN! It's only for a short period and she'll be working from a distance for the magazine while she enjoys a change in pace for a bit. We had a send off party at Molotov where numerous people from the film community came. Everywhere the girl goes people fall in the love with her and you can tell she's made an impact on the film community and definitely on our magazine. We'll miss her and await her return!

Stand In

Just thought I'd take a moment to describe the life and work of a stand-in as I was recently called in to "interview" for the position of Emily Watson's stand in for a month in the new Julia Roberts film that is being FILMED IN AUSTIN! I've found that not everyone knows exactly what stand-ing in means. Yes, its exciting in that you are on set and in the circle of people you definitely want to be around while on set - the actors, director, camera and lighting crew - however, while the cameras and lights are all adjusted to your face - you're not the one that gets to be filmed. A stand-in's position is to "stand in" for the actor during the lengthy process where the lights and cameras are adjusted for the scene. A stand in will watch the actor rehearse and then take that actors place while the adjusting happens - and then once everything is set - the actor comes back in and filming begins. It's not hard, and it's amazing getting to watch the actors rehearse and film - but it definitely isn't all that glamorous either. Want to take the glamour out of movie making? Spend a few days as an extra or a stand-in and you'll definitely know then whether or not this is a career that you want to pursue!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Grindhouse Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

So we (Lauren Scott - Managing Editor, Sarah Garza - Contributing Editor/Photographer, Adam Moroz - Contributing Editor) arrived to a full crowd anxiously awaiting the best celebrity spotting in Austin. Caught in the Act Magazine had a prime spot on the red carpet to interview and snap some photos! It started off slow as each celebrity walked down perfectly timed apart. Then, of course, ended with a mad dash for Robert Rodriguez and Rose Mcgowan rushing into the theater only available for some shots and a quick autograph. Fans (including some zombied-out ones) lined the other side of the carpet, yelling and screaming when their favorite star passed by. Robert Rodriguez gave us his best "SHOCKED!" look right before he was whisked away with Rose McGowan. Many of the pretty ladies including Sydney Poitier and Zoe Bell chatted with us and expressed their LOVE for Austin. But it was Danny Trejo (Machete , a Grindhouse trailer) who charmed me the most, although he couldn't go on enough about our Sarah's beautiful smile! So sweet and completely interested in what we had to say! He even took a little posed picture with Adam and I seconds before the movie started. Austin Film Society did this premiere right, Hollywood style....Austin cool.

Grindhouse Directors: Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror) and Quentin Tarantino (Death Proof)

Kurt Russell who plays                                             Lauren Scott laughing it up with
Stuntman Mike in Death Proof                                   Danny Trejo

***And the night continued to a VIP party at the Belmont!***

as reported by CITA MAG editorial contributor Adam Moroz

Lauren and I rose from our seats and staggered out the double doors of the Paramount in what could only be described as Dazed and Confused. In silence we gathered with the lucky few who, like us, found our selves in the midst of something special. It was like one of those moments on a Sunday afternoon. The wind rustles the trees and a feeling of calm suddenly catches you off guard and everything seems to fit together perfectly. The pieces of the puzzle fall into place revealing something previously ordinary but for some reason those ordinary pieces have becomes extraordinary. And all these images flashed through my head. I wanted to say something witty about the film but all I could muster was, "That sh*t was f*#king awesome!" I remember grasping my VIP badge to the party and wondering whether or not we should go right away or mingle. Lauren said we should go because Corey, her friend and my boss, was already there. We walked down the street leading a party line that stretched for three full blocks. As we were crossing west Sixth Street the traffic came to a halt as the Austin Roller Girls flew by at a very unsafe velocity in their gowns. We called Corey to say that we were there but she was standing across the street looking at us like we were blind. So we entered the posh Belmont club and begun our carousing. I ran into some people I knew from previous projects and also met a lot of new people. But, the most interesting part is how personable the Stars were. QT and RR wandered around aimlessly talking to whomever asked them a question and graciously thanked any on who gave a compliment. Danny Trejo sat outside with his friends and chatted at a table while all the female actresses whose names escape me at this moment spent most of their time on the upstairs balcony. All in all it was a pretty tame night. I think I was expecting it to be like a movie - but in fact it was very real. Those thought of as bigger than life are in fact just the same size as you or me, give or take a few pounds. They laugh at stupid jokes and dress in hoodies and jeans. Of course there were people following them around all night trying to get one photo or be seen next to them so they felt important; but for the most part it wasn't as Hollywood as I expected it to be. It was Austin: A Texas cocktail, casual and on the rocks.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Check out our Staff!

If you want to check out our staff - head on over to - we've only got one up so far - but over the next week you'll be able to meet the 14 people that make up the creative and highly talented staff of Caught in the Act Magazine! The majority of us are also actors - so if you're casting - it's a great site to check out as well!

Monday, March 26, 2007

A Night of Evil Plotting!

Gray, of Citizen Gray Productions cleverly decided to throw himself a birthday party of dual nature. Not only did he have a celebration for himself, but he recorded the event as footage for his new documentary on a year long attempt to become a comic book villain. His secret lair that wasn't announced until near party time was found to be in our very own Austin Studios. Party attendance included every villian from Bonnie (from Bonnie and Cldyde) to random dark creatures of the night and a purple feathered chick that I'm still trying to figure out! One of our own staff members Adam Moroz came dressed as the uni-bomber....complete with bunny ears in case no one got that the hoody and jeans was not just normal wear. Gray is currently taking name submissions for his evil persona and you can find out all the current developments of what it takes for him to become the evil genius that he is by following his blog at:

Upon talking to Gray at his party you can tell he still has a while to go in his development of a villainness creature. While his exterior looked gruff he appeared kind, laid-back, and appreciative of his surroundings. I don't know if that's part of his tactic to charm before the kill, or if this villain is just working from the outside-in. Perhaps a year from now when Gray is complete comic book villain we'll see a whole new side of self!

Friday, March 23, 2007


Tonight we're taking our mischeivousness out at Citizen Gray's Villain party at Austin studios!

Come join us!

And if you're interested please come dress as your favorite villain or villainness... or just as a dark creature of the night... whoooooooo! We've heard these parties are a ton of fun and not to be missed.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kenneth Galls' BDay + an MTV Party at Speakeasy

Three days after SXSW ends - we realize we're not quite ready to give up the social several-parties-a-night routine we had going on and we head out to Kenneth Gall's birthday party off of Airport Blvd, and a private party at Speakeasy with MTV, MixMaster Mike, and Bacardi.
Kenneth Gall is a local photographer who takes some of the best headshots for actors in Austin. You can check out his work at: He also did quite a few of our headshots in the most recent CITA MAG issue. Pictured is his girl friend and filmmaker April Melody and him in his blonde wig. This was my first meeting with him and he actually reminded me a lot of Andy Warhol in the recent movie Factory Girl- which I hope he takes as a compliment! He's unique and creative and a character well worth studying for any actor - and his girl friend matches him perfectly. The party had lots of great food, soft-seventies porn projected on a wall that was more than humorous, and beer and liquor for everyone's tastes!
The next party we hit up was at Speakeasy. $3 Bacardi drinks, MixMaster Mike, four sexy dancer girls, and a drummer that sent vibrant colors of water into the air made the atmosphere. Bacardi girls giving everyone free hats and metal cigarette cases with built-in lighters and little light-up maracas of course makes everyone happy - hey! Its free stuff! Also - you know Britney Spears' ex whom we hear so much about? Yes, that's right - KFed was in the VIP section of the party....who knew what he was doing here...

Party like its SXSW

SXSW: a crazy week where your fuel is adreneline, sleep is not required and your main food groups are "free food" and "free drinks." I can't believe one of the most anticipated Austin events has already passed! It was a great week for Caught in the Act Magazine - every where we put issues down - only hours later they'd be gone. Numerous copies were carried around with us and put directly into the hands of directors/producers and fellow actors - always well received! It didn't hurt that SXSW film producer Matt Dentler was on the cover - he said it definitely made the week an interesting one for him - and people who know the festival become so familiar with his face that they had to learn more from our mag.

Night one we began our partying at the Opening Film party at the old Fox and the Hound where we ran into Rider Strong most popularly known for his long-time role as Sean on Boy Meets World. I also had a conversation with Paul Rudd on a director we both knew b/c of a film we almost did together until funding fell through...its a small world when you can run into a celebrity and talk about a common person! That means I'm what? One degree away from Jennifer Aniston? Two away from Brad Pitt? ha.

Rider Strong was here promoting his new disturbing film Borderland about true ritual sacrifice killings in Mexico. Paul Rudd was promoting his new comedy Knocked-Up - which I loved despite the stereotypical ball-and-chain depiction of Paul's character's wife. I mean come on! Women know how to have fun - and can be just as "held back" by controlling husbands. Time to write my own screen play...

(Left) Jon Ray of Suited Productions at the majestic Paramount theater on Congress Avenue before the premiere of Knocked Up.

Other fabulous parties that we made ourselves known at included Robert Rodriguez's party at Antones where he and his band played and editorial contributor Sarah Garza determined that RR was definitely the most beautiful man in the world. Having a guitar in his hands probably didn't hurt! The private IFC party at Light Bar where we felt like celebrities with the fancy small hor d'euvors like fried brie that were forgein to the eye and I had to keep asking what every little odd thing was, the too-fun free photo booth, the massage chairs that left my back crazy-sore the following day, the complete open bar, and the swag bags with free t-shirts that I believe I drunkenly handed over to a homeless man on my way out and to the Pineapple party over at Molotov. (Below) Editorial contributor/PR Patricia Robinson and Joe at Light Bar.
During the film portion of the festival we had a great time at a party at La Zona Rosa where we were influenced to jump up and down and dance all around to popular bands What Made Milwaukee Famous and Voxtrot, followed by the after party for the film Inside the Circle at Copa where our dance skills were put to shame by the break-dancers "in the circle" moving in ways that would leave my neck broken and my head hurting. The closing party at Maggie Maes was fun too - and then began the music fest!
(Left to Right) Party at La Zona Rosa - Producer Peter Phok and I; agent/filmmaker/panelist Lupe Valdez and actor Justin Brusca; Managing Editor Lauren Scott and I; Mike and I at closing film party.
The music adventures began with day time parties, night time shows, and then after parties that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. Unfortunately two of our after parties, one at the Blue Genie on the east side of town off Springdale, and another at the Elk Lodge were both cut short due to a fire marshall and the wall of a balcony collapsing, respectively. Luckily no one got hurt! We did spend some time at the after party smokers lounge in the Omni hotel - that is - until the smokers actually came. . . it still blows me away that the smokers lounge isn't held in a room that at least has windows or a balcony. Do smokers even like having all of their exhalations recycled? Next year - increase ventilation! (Below - left to right) Advertising Manager Tiffany Montgomery and Matt Dentler at the Omni Loung; Photographer Courtney Pierce and Tiffany Montgomery partying day time music-style; Joelle Geisler and Lauren Scott at the Vice after-party.
Shows we really enjoyed: White Ghost Shivers at Molotov Lounge - check out pictures on Chris Carson's blog
Galactic at Emos; Boombox w/ Ozomatli at Speakeasy; Ozomatli at the convention center; the Octopus Project at Emos; all the bands at the Spin Party at Stubbs; Ghostland Observatory at La Zona Rosa; and there are many more that are already starting to slip slip away....
We ended SXSW at the SXSW softball games at Kreig field. Last free meal, last free beer. . . but it definitely was a beautiful and relaxing day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

To Catch Everyone Up!

Caught in the Act Magazine premiered on January 11th, 2007 with a party that definitely set the bar for film parties of the year. The comment I heard from most people after the party was not only how fun it was, but how everyone felt like they knew so many people there - in a party with an attendance of 500+! The talented community in Austin appears to be one small world with everyone linked in some form or another. It's probably why we're able to be so supportive of each other when it comes to helping out with projects that are being undertaken with budgets or not!

At our party Channel 8 news came and interviewed Lauren Scott (managing editor) and I, Corey Burke (executive editor) - as did the Austin Movie Show. Lauren and I were also on ME Television earlier that day promoting the party with local DJ/VJ Bobby Bones on his show Airwaves.

After our premiere party we were contacted by TXMPA to help as a sponsor for their fundraising event where we located top items to be donated for the silent auction, helping raise over 2k for the Film Incentive program that we are hoping to push within our government to get more films made here in TEXAS! For more info on how you can help go to:

Future events?

We're joining forces with the Fighting Stunts Association for a big party in May where we will release our third issue of Caught in the Act Magazine and help raise the passion and spirit within Austin in making film happen here. We are also always supportive of Screen Door Film where you'll usually find us at their various screenings of the amazing short films that they find from all over the world. It's the microcinema revolution people!

Our 2nd issue is out right now with SXSW film producer Matt Dentler on the cover! Look for it at your local theaters (Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar) and local businesses to pick one up!