Friday, March 30, 2007

Grindhouse Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

So we (Lauren Scott - Managing Editor, Sarah Garza - Contributing Editor/Photographer, Adam Moroz - Contributing Editor) arrived to a full crowd anxiously awaiting the best celebrity spotting in Austin. Caught in the Act Magazine had a prime spot on the red carpet to interview and snap some photos! It started off slow as each celebrity walked down perfectly timed apart. Then, of course, ended with a mad dash for Robert Rodriguez and Rose Mcgowan rushing into the theater only available for some shots and a quick autograph. Fans (including some zombied-out ones) lined the other side of the carpet, yelling and screaming when their favorite star passed by. Robert Rodriguez gave us his best "SHOCKED!" look right before he was whisked away with Rose McGowan. Many of the pretty ladies including Sydney Poitier and Zoe Bell chatted with us and expressed their LOVE for Austin. But it was Danny Trejo (Machete , a Grindhouse trailer) who charmed me the most, although he couldn't go on enough about our Sarah's beautiful smile! So sweet and completely interested in what we had to say! He even took a little posed picture with Adam and I seconds before the movie started. Austin Film Society did this premiere right, Hollywood style....Austin cool.

Grindhouse Directors: Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror) and Quentin Tarantino (Death Proof)

Kurt Russell who plays                                             Lauren Scott laughing it up with
Stuntman Mike in Death Proof                                   Danny Trejo

***And the night continued to a VIP party at the Belmont!***

as reported by CITA MAG editorial contributor Adam Moroz

Lauren and I rose from our seats and staggered out the double doors of the Paramount in what could only be described as Dazed and Confused. In silence we gathered with the lucky few who, like us, found our selves in the midst of something special. It was like one of those moments on a Sunday afternoon. The wind rustles the trees and a feeling of calm suddenly catches you off guard and everything seems to fit together perfectly. The pieces of the puzzle fall into place revealing something previously ordinary but for some reason those ordinary pieces have becomes extraordinary. And all these images flashed through my head. I wanted to say something witty about the film but all I could muster was, "That sh*t was f*#king awesome!" I remember grasping my VIP badge to the party and wondering whether or not we should go right away or mingle. Lauren said we should go because Corey, her friend and my boss, was already there. We walked down the street leading a party line that stretched for three full blocks. As we were crossing west Sixth Street the traffic came to a halt as the Austin Roller Girls flew by at a very unsafe velocity in their gowns. We called Corey to say that we were there but she was standing across the street looking at us like we were blind. So we entered the posh Belmont club and begun our carousing. I ran into some people I knew from previous projects and also met a lot of new people. But, the most interesting part is how personable the Stars were. QT and RR wandered around aimlessly talking to whomever asked them a question and graciously thanked any on who gave a compliment. Danny Trejo sat outside with his friends and chatted at a table while all the female actresses whose names escape me at this moment spent most of their time on the upstairs balcony. All in all it was a pretty tame night. I think I was expecting it to be like a movie - but in fact it was very real. Those thought of as bigger than life are in fact just the same size as you or me, give or take a few pounds. They laugh at stupid jokes and dress in hoodies and jeans. Of course there were people following them around all night trying to get one photo or be seen next to them so they felt important; but for the most part it wasn't as Hollywood as I expected it to be. It was Austin: A Texas cocktail, casual and on the rocks.

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