Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kenneth Galls' BDay + an MTV Party at Speakeasy

Three days after SXSW ends - we realize we're not quite ready to give up the social several-parties-a-night routine we had going on and we head out to Kenneth Gall's birthday party off of Airport Blvd, and a private party at Speakeasy with MTV, MixMaster Mike, and Bacardi.
Kenneth Gall is a local photographer who takes some of the best headshots for actors in Austin. You can check out his work at: He also did quite a few of our headshots in the most recent CITA MAG issue. Pictured is his girl friend and filmmaker April Melody and him in his blonde wig. This was my first meeting with him and he actually reminded me a lot of Andy Warhol in the recent movie Factory Girl- which I hope he takes as a compliment! He's unique and creative and a character well worth studying for any actor - and his girl friend matches him perfectly. The party had lots of great food, soft-seventies porn projected on a wall that was more than humorous, and beer and liquor for everyone's tastes!
The next party we hit up was at Speakeasy. $3 Bacardi drinks, MixMaster Mike, four sexy dancer girls, and a drummer that sent vibrant colors of water into the air made the atmosphere. Bacardi girls giving everyone free hats and metal cigarette cases with built-in lighters and little light-up maracas of course makes everyone happy - hey! Its free stuff! Also - you know Britney Spears' ex whom we hear so much about? Yes, that's right - KFed was in the VIP section of the party....who knew what he was doing here...

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