Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Network Austin Mixer

The Network Austin Mixer meets every other Wednesday night at Mother Egans on 6th st. The speakers for the mixer last night were all Austin talent agents, Heather Collier(, Veronica Kelley-Albiez (, and Lupe Valdez ( There was a full crowd at Mother Egans, mixed with actors, film-makers, coaches, agents, and casting directors. The speakers answered questions from hopeful actors taking their first steps into the business to the professionals brushing up on their agent info. Their main piece of advice? Follow directions on their website when you submit to them, if you can't follow those directions it'll only give them reason to believe you won't follow directions when sent out on auditions. And stay in classes, or keep working on plays or student projects. Members of The Alliance , which is Austin's collective group of coaches, casting directors, and agents that pull together to "raise the bar" for the film community, always make it out to these. They made an announcement their new president is actor/acting coach Van Brooks. Congrats Van! These mixers are always nice to go to, laid back, always familiar faces, and great information.
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