Monday, April 2, 2007

Stand In

Just thought I'd take a moment to describe the life and work of a stand-in as I was recently called in to "interview" for the position of Emily Watson's stand in for a month in the new Julia Roberts film that is being FILMED IN AUSTIN! I've found that not everyone knows exactly what stand-ing in means. Yes, its exciting in that you are on set and in the circle of people you definitely want to be around while on set - the actors, director, camera and lighting crew - however, while the cameras and lights are all adjusted to your face - you're not the one that gets to be filmed. A stand-in's position is to "stand in" for the actor during the lengthy process where the lights and cameras are adjusted for the scene. A stand in will watch the actor rehearse and then take that actors place while the adjusting happens - and then once everything is set - the actor comes back in and filming begins. It's not hard, and it's amazing getting to watch the actors rehearse and film - but it definitely isn't all that glamorous either. Want to take the glamour out of movie making? Spend a few days as an extra or a stand-in and you'll definitely know then whether or not this is a career that you want to pursue!

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