Friday, February 29, 2008

The Strike's what's next?

The writer's strike is over! YAY! But what's next for Texas? After the writer's strike ended, I read an article in the news paper. It was regarding what shows were safe and which shows were gone for good. Two shows that were in danger of not returning according to the paper, were Prison Break and Friday Night Lights.

It read something like this : Prison Break gone, probably for good. Friday Night Lights, future unknown. Why did this bother me so much? Both these shows are filmed in Texas! Prison Break is filmed in Dallas and Friday Night Lights in Austin. That means Texas is going to lose more work! Not to mention the fact that both are great shows in very different ways. I was devastated.

My devastation grew even deeper when I later read that although Prison Break would be back on the air, shooting would no longer take place in Dallas. It was moving to LA...sigh. As for Friday Night Lights, well, their future was still up in the air.

So what's next for Texas? Sure there are plenty of films coming into our state. But who gets the leading roles? What about the regular work? And the convenience of having these opportunities right on our doorsteps? Not just for me but for other Texas actors. I happen to watch Friday Night Lights every single week and there are several actors on that show that I know, personally! Although I don't watch Prison Break break as much, the times I've seen it, I see people on that show that I know (personally and professionally).

So it bothers me to think that some of these people will be out of work. Texas has been fighting so hard for the title "Third Coast" and the reputation of being just as capable as LA and NY in the film industry. But with all that "big Texas" talk, Louisiana has passed us by. Word has it that's where you should go if you're a Texas actor and want to get some day player roles and more opportunities. It's closer than LA or NY... At this point in time, there seem to be more chances for a Texas actor to become SAGe by working out of Louisiana.

Sure Villa Muse is supposed to open in Austin in 2009 or 2010, but even that's up in the air. Let's hope that next Thursday Austin makes the right choice and decides to let them build here. Because if Austin loses Villa Muse, I just don't know what people like me will do...I'm torn because I love Austin but there just aren't enough acting jobs here to support my finances. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens next....

Patricia A. Robinson


Anonymous said...

The world is in such dire need of actors. I PRAY that you find a job in Austin.

CITA MAG said...

You ain't just whistlin' Dixie...