Friday, March 14, 2008

Facebook and the new avenue for film makers, etc.

Last Sunday I went to the Facebook Film Garage. Although I've heard rumors of TV and film moving more toward the Internet, attending this session was a real eye opener.

Not only is the Internet becoming another avenue for people to get their work out there, it's also becoming a way for studios to make casting decisions for their films and promote the upcoming projects.

Putting together a movie is hard enough, and money is a big one. Using the Internet gives others the opportunity to get their work out there and promote it even if they're working on a $100 budget. By setting up a page on Facebook, put your movie on it, then search for people interested in your movie genre, send them an email and ask them to check out your website. If they like it, they can blog about it and tell their friends and family to check it out (word of mouth).

*When the studio behind the film Iron Man were trying to decide whether or not Robert Downey Jr. would be a good match in the role of Iron Man, they went to the fans. Based on the fan's feedback on the Internet (ex. "Robert Downey Jr. would be perfect for this role...", etc.) the studio made the choice to cast him.

*an example given by one of the Facebook Film Garage speakers

Since the Internet helps make the world a much smaller place, filmmakers from other parts of the world with small budgets can also use it (Facebook, Myspace, etc.) to share their work with a wider, more diverse audience.

This business is booming. So much so that people are creating businesses/websites for this purpose. I spoke with someone that worked for one of these businesses out in LA and he said they were so busy now, they could hardly keep up. When asked if he thought this way was the future for film and TV, he comments, "I know it is."

Patricia A. Robinson

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