Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Frontera from the past

Right now Hyde Park Theatre is showing Three from FronteraFest. Three past plays from the FronteraFest short fringe section.

It started on Monday evening and I went to go see them last night. I don't know what I was expecting, but I didn't realize I was in for three different shows. It was quite a treat, three shows in one evening...

The first show, Port Arthur directed by Ken Webster was interesting. It starts out with two men sitting side by side on a Grey Hound obviously into what he's reading in his newspaper, the other with a really creepy smile on his face. As I watched the different stories, I thought about awards. If I had to hand out awards at the end, what show would get what? This one definitely wins my vote for most surprising. Just when I thought I had an idea of which way the story was going, it went in another direction.

The second show, Larius Likler, directed by Jamison Driskill wins my vote for funniest. A lot of the humor for me in this one was around names. At first glance it seems to be about a dysfunctional family. It actually is if you just look on the surface. There is definitely more to the story...and I wish I could have seen that. I also missed more character development, especially from the dad. Otherwise, there were some really great moments in this show.

The last show wins my vote for most touching. It was a series of monologues about humans (with the exception of a few mentioned animals)...hence the name, Humans. This one was also directed by Ken Webster. I don't know if it was the monologues or the delivery of the monologues, but this one really touched me. There were a few that left me feeling like I'd missed something, but overall, I enjoyed this one.

Three from FronteraFest runs on off-nights Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 8pm from now until March 26.

Patricia A. Robinson

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