Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Must See Theatre

"Crimes of the Heart", written by Pulitzer Prize winner Beth Henley, is now playing at The City Theatre. This production was directed by Jennifer McKenna and stars Rachel McGinnis, Briana McKeague and Melissa Rentrop, along with Gabriel Smith, Derek Jones and Michelle Cheney.

Each actor does a wonderful job of fueling their character with plenty of energy and passion. Standout performances definitely to Michelle Cheney for her excellent portrayal of cousin, Chick and Melissa Rentrop for her take on Meg. Not only did I sigh with a feeling of, "What now?" every time Chick came on stage, but she certainly got under my skin. And, Melissa...WOW! Talk about making every moment count. These two women really know how to steal a scene!Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all trying to take anything away from the rest of the cast.

The show is well worth seeing, enjoyable. It made me want to go home and call my sister. Overall the cast worked very well together (excellent casting choices), and the sisters were a delight for me to watch together. Not only did they really look like they were sisters, but they acted like they were real sisters. Great chemistry!

I loved it, I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to see some theatre. It runs at The City Theatre from now until March 16th. Thursday-Saturday 8pm and Sunday 5:30pm.

Patricia A. Robinson

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