Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My 80 dates with the movies!

Movies. Ah! How I just love the movies.

There is something so beyond inspiration when I watch a fantastic film, knowing hundreds or even tens of people poured their hearts into it. So I'm on a quest to really expand my cinematic-viewing repertoire and mental filing cabinet of movies I've seen.

As an actor, movies and theatre are the source of my art, much in the same way the painter will go to a museum to see other works of art, the musician to a live music performance to watch other musicians play their instruments or the cook who watches the cooking channel, etc. etc.

So how do I go about this, just randomly pick one after another? Ask every friend or relative to recommend a movie they loved? Go on IMDB and start at letter A?? Yikes!!

All are good options, but the source I've chosen is every Oscar-wining Best Picture of the Year, starting with the very first winner in 1929, “Wings,” which as it turns out I’ve already seen. I will then go in order year-by-year and (assuming I can find them), watch them all until the end, even if I've already seen it.

I like the idea of going in chronological order to see how film quality, acting styles, themes, and subject matter have changed over the years.

As our society has dealt with social issues, I suspect so did the films and their topics of that time.

Now I need a game plane. Since this is a total of 80 movies to watch, I'm thinking two a week, and if you do the math that will take 40 weeks!! That’s 10 months, so I'm looking at finishing all of them by the end of 2008, which is perfect timing to gear up for the 81st Academy Awards. I'll journal my thoughts on each movie, and keep you posted on how on schedule I‘m able to stay. Thank goodness for Netflix!!

So the next time an acting coach or film-loving buddy says, "Did you ever see ...", I'll have a much better chance at actually saying, "Why yes, yes I have!"

Time to go pop the corn!
Lauren Scott

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