Saturday, March 1, 2008

Never Wear a Trash Bag to the Oscars! Never!

Ah, the Oscars. I watch them not only for the speeches and the surprises, but for the fashion. Especially this year, because, well, the speeches were tame and there were few surprises as far as winners.

The general trend this year gravitated toward darker, more serious gowns. Quite a bit of black and red. I missed a gown like Michelle Williams' canary yellow number a few years ago. But some of these dresses came off quite well. Jennifer Garner's black dress looked fantastic on her and Katherine Heigl was a knockout in her one-shoulder red dress. But the best dress in my opinion was the beautiful red dress worn by Helen Mirren with the jeweled shoulder detail. She looked not only breathtaking, but very classy and entirely age appropriate. I hope I am that hot when I get to my sixties. A++ to Queen Helen!

And now for the misses. Well, there were quite a few dresses with ruffles. And I hated every single one of them (why, Penelope Cruz, why??) These ruffles were distracting and ruined the lines of these dresses. I don't care what your stylist says, ruffles like the ones on display at the Oscars should not be worn. And I was wholeheartedly disappointed by Cate Blanchett, who usually dresses so well. I understand she's pregnant, and probably wants to be comfortable, but her dress had no shape and the detail in the front was just plain ugly. But her dress was nothing compared to the trash bag Tilda Swinton wore. What the hell was that??? She is very unusual looking and could have picked a dress that would flatter her unique beauty--something fitted with clean lines, perhaps in a green or purple--but she decided to wear a trash bag instead. And it looked as though she had no makeup on at all. To top it all off, her accessories were ugly. What was her stylist thinking?? At least she's a brilliant actor!

As for the men, Jon Stewart of course gets an A++ for being Jon Stewart, who is always in fashion in my book. Of course, I have had a raging crush on him forever, so I am biased. It was a big surprise for me that Johnny Depp was actually at the Oscars with Vanessa Paradis, looking as cool as only Johnny Depp can do. Javier Bardem looked smashing and reminded me just how ruggedly handsome he is, which is easy to do if your most recent recollection of him is from his latest role in No Country for Old Men. The only miss I clearly recall was the Daniel Day-Lewis get-up. I didn't mind the longish gray hair, but what was up with those ridiculous gold hoops in both ears? Maybe he's preparing for a role opposite Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Carribbean 4. That would be the only logical explanation. It was also terribly disappointing because Day-Lewis is still quite a hottie (those eyes! that voice!) Oh, yeah, and he's only like the greatest actor alive today. Oh well.

Other stand-outs: Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard

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